Best Stretches for Cyclists

Riding is cool. But you still need to do Stretches, as warm-up is one of 3 must dos for a successful bike ride training. While cycling is great for general fitness, many cyclists suffer from lack of flexibility and poor posture, and many of us suffer injuries. There you will need a stretching before riding, and even after riding training. Here we will explain exactly how cyclists can maintain optimal functioning and avoid injuries with targeted stretches for cyclists through this article: Best Stretches for Cyclists.

Why you need to stretch?

Stretching is good, but why? First, stretching reduces muscle soreness and stiffness by increasing blood flow, delivering more nutrients to your muscles and removing lactic acid and metabolites. In short, it keeps you from recovering more quickly, and promote the whole body relaxation. It also boost recovery, rejuvenation and adaptation by increasing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system after exercise.

Moreover, stretching increases blood (and oxygen) flow to the muscles, reducing post-ride soreness with the added bonus of promoting cell growth and organ function.

You need to do stretching to let your body relax after riding, which is a must in successful bike ride training.

Best Stretches for Cyclists

After a warm up, complete 4-5 of these stretches, holding each one for 1 minute if you can. If not, start with 30 seconds and build up the time. Ideally cyclists should try to stretch every day, but 5 days a week will be enough to start enjoying some of the long-term benefits.

Stand with your legs spread as wide as is comfortable. Clasp your hands behind your back. Hinge at the hips and bring your upper body down towards the floor, with your arms going straight up towards the ceiling.

Constantly push your arms toward the front as you hold the stretch, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings and your chest.

Or you can get onto all fours on a mat. Place a blanket or a pillow under your left knee before moving into the stretch.

Slowly bring your right leg up, placing your foot flat on the floor. Your left leg should be out behind you, with your foot pointing backwards. Place your hands on your sides as you press the hips forward. You should feel the stretch all the way down your hip flexor. As your body begins to relax, you can squeeze your glutes to increase the stretch. Repeat on the other side.

Another way is standing up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your right foot toward your glutes, holding onto the top of your foot with your right hand. If you need help keeping your balance, move to a wall for support. Push your knee backwards, squeezing your glutes to increase the stretch in your quad. Repeat on the left side.