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Week 2 is going well, although I find it hard to maintain five structured meals when I’m not working. Probably because I am a champion at frittering away time over vacations. Sometimes I have to ask myself, “what did I do all summer?”. Instead of eating in a more structured manner, some days I have been snacking on healthy stuff all day– veggies, fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt. Aside from this, I have kept to my nutrition goals– fueling for work outs, keeping my carbohydrates under 25 g per meal, getting lots of protein. I am basically over the plague that kept me from fully completing Week 1, but I feel like I’ve made progress in spite of the setback.

I have done three strength training sessions now and I can feel it in my body. There’s always a little delayed onset muscle soreness afterward, but it’s fairly mild and it indicates to me that I worked appropriately hard. I have added 5 extra pounds to my squat, I have increased my shoulder press weight to 6 wimpy lbs (up from 5 waify pounds), I have extended reps on every single exercise. I love feeling ripped. Obviously, ripped is an extremely subjective term, but to me, ripped feels less squishy, tighter, and more energetic.

I’m enjoying a banana now, preparing to go for my fourth strength training session, wishing it was a


smoothie instead of a plain banana. It’s hard to believe I sold my Vita-Mix on craigslist some days, as I need a new blender desperately. However! The Vita-Mix was bought from craigslist, was of the commercial variety, and did not perform up to the VM standard I have come to expect. Lumps of frozen strawberries left in my smoothie? Bah! I’ll have to hit Macy’s the day after x-mas with some good blenders in mind. Breville has a die-cast one that I’m lusting after, but it’s also $300 (eyeball gouge). Might as well get a proper Vita-Mix for that price.

The food processor has sufficed in the meantime, greek yogurt + banana + frozen raspberries + a splash of milk makes a great smoothie! I was loath to add chocolate whey powder to it and ruin it. I should see about getting some vanilla, or even unflavored powder.

At this juncture, I am down about a pound numerically speaking, but it feels like I’m down closer to three or four. I’ve lost an inch off my waist already (probably water weight, I know, but exciting nonetheless!). The feeling is enough to keep me going, although I continue to curse the heavens that it is winter and that it isn’t pleasant to ride a bike outside right now. Had we snow, I would find a way to x-country ski in Tower Grove Park! This weekend it will be sunny and near 50 so I’m hoping to get a few longer rides in. 1 x-mas eve ride, 1 x-mas day ride!

Merry Christmas, everyone, and I hope the holiday season is bright and filled with good cheer, rather than stress! :)



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