Today I reached my $6,000 fundraising minimum. My supporters have been amazing! There was a time when $6,000 felt so far away… as if I would never reach it. There have been disappointments along the way, yes, but such is the nature of the process. Heck– even at $6,000 I am still experiencing disappointments! The quilt raffle has been instrumental in reaching this milestone, but independent donations make up the largest portion of the $6,000. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends, family, and even complete strangers!!!

I’d like to use up some space on the interweb to thank everyone!

Lois Ava-Matthew and Michael Matthew

James Parker

Jay Powers and Diane Rene

Andrew Elia

Meghan Clark

Edward Quintanilla


MICDS Faculty

Gary and Kathie Groenwold

Janice Douglass

Timothy Dedman

Becky Young

Mary Bell Young

Mary Ann Pollard

Rebecca Steffens

Bryce Carlson

Allison Bench

Eli Gabaldon

Christian Cueto

Janet Lemon

Tara Bonebrake

Joanne Petithory

Sharon Newman

Mindy Duncan

Michael Rys

Samantha and Aaron Raphael

Janice Wagner

Kate Elmer

Mimi Boothby

Nicole Thomas

Robyn Maislin

Teresa Carey

Jesse Eidsness

Susan Menzies

Pete Zrioka

Virginia Mitchell

KB Mehl

Anne Williamson

Nancy Pierson

Christy Moore

Jen Schuckman

Maryanne Gorman

Prabhat Acharya

Chona Guiang

Susan Jones and Alan Douglass

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